Once upon a time lived a potter named Paul who had a motto: ”My work has to last longer and bring warmth longer than my existence, therefore everything has to be as well prepared and as high quality as possible.” And so it went. Paul the potter has passed away long ago, but we still have his stoves in our homes that warm our body and soul.

The attitude of Paul the potter is the philosophy of the trademark STOVEMAN. Our products carry the durability, high quality and warmth. Try them yourself and you won’t regret it!

The caressing warmth of the STOVEMAN sauna heaters creates an unforgettable sauna experience.

Our grilling and smoking products prepare exquisite dishes and due to their durability will serve you for many years.

The Stoveman product mix includes high quality and durable grilling equipment (grilling units, outdoor grills, fire pits, grill accessories, grilling ovens), sauna articles (sauna heaters, sauna accessories, sauna towels, sauna gloves and sauna gowns), fireplace and oven products (fireplace doors, fireplace ash trays, fireplace grills, fireplace log holders, ovens, cold smoking ovens and hot smoking ovens) and accessories, including different goods for fireplaces. Choose quality – choose Stoveman!