The cold smoking oven „Stoveman” is designed for smoking fish, poultry and meat. It is suitable for using in back yards, summerhouses, tourism farms and country houses. The cold smoking oven has two chambers with separate doors. The below fire chamber is meant for heating and holding a suitable temperature and smoke for smoking. The upper part is the smoking chamber with four stainless cooking grates and heater stones that assure a homogeneous temperature in the smoking chamber. A grease drip pan should be placed above or on the heater stones to avoid the grease dripping on the heater causing threat of fire. There are two 8mm steel rods on the ceiling of the cooking chamber where different products can be hanged. The Stoveman cold smoking oven works with temperatures starting from 50°C  (not over 70 degrees)!

The grate on the heating chamber should be filled with heater stones (about 60kg of stones) that accumulate energy, keeping the temperature low and homogeneous. The smoking oven is equipped with a mechanical thermometer showing 0-220 degrees.

Only permitted tree species should be used for heating.

The internal and external walls of the oven are made of 3mm sheet steel, the base of the fireplace of 4mm sheet steel and doors, grease drip pan and chimney cap of 2mm sheet steel. The exterior of the Stoveman cold smoking oven is coated with heat resistant high temperature withstanding paint.

Cold smoking oven user manual:

General information

  • Dimensions of the cooking chamber: 52x50x45cm (Height x Width x Depth)
  • Dimensions of the cooking grate: 49x42cm (4pcs) (Width x Depth)
  • Distance between the grates: 11cm
  • Package dimensions 156 × 60 × 50 cm (L/W/H)
  • Weight 129 kg
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